The nSource team has extensive experience in building custom applications to suit any environment and clientele. Previous projects have ranged from small to mid-sized business applications all the way up to enterprise scale for Fortune 500 companies. We utilize the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for our project processes in order to insure proper requirements, building, testing, and deployment of our client facing applications.

Project platforms include:

Expense and Asset Management
Payroll and Resource Management
Help Desk and Ticket Tracking
Logistics and Supply Management
Asset Life Cycle Management
HR Inventory Tracking

The nSource data engineers have vast experience with Database Management Systems (DBMS) in the realms of SQL, Oracle, MySQL, and more. They are experts in every available type of data format. In addition, our team is highly skilled in the design, development, and implementation of new databases, as well as tuning and performance for established systems.

Projects include:

Database Administration
Data Import and Export
Data Integration
Data Transformation and Translation
Data Warehousing
Disaster Recovery, Replication, and Backup/Restore

The nSource team can also assist you with your business processes and procedures. Our experts have extensive experience in the following areas:

Advertising and Marketing
Business Policies
Customer Service
Cyber Security
Help Desk
Logistics and Inventory
Network and Systems
Social Media Presence
Technical Writing
Web Development
Web Hosting

Is your company in need of Information Technology support and services? Our parent company, Convergent Systems, LLC, is an industry leader in IT Managed Services for medium to large scale businesses.

For home based and small to medium local businesses, our partner, Imperial Order Networks, LLC, is available for contract and consulting support and other IT projects.